[message title=”WHY SHOULD YOU TAKE THE BODY CARE?”]Skin is an essential elements of everyone’s beauty and attractive. The importance of taking care your body skin is no less than which of face skin. Women beauty and youth reflect on the smoothness and healthiness of their body skin. Men’s masculineness and allurement partly come from ruddy and toned skin.

Modern life brings lots of potential harm may damage your skin. Threats like environmental pollution, dust and dirt, ultraviolet, stressful working hours, harmful routines etc. can put your skin at risk of roughening, harshening and “premature aging”.[/message]

[box title=”PROCESS”]quy trinhAt Ocean Spa, standard procedure for comprehensive skin care bases on our study on multifarious treatment methodologies that deeply focus on the characteristics of Asian’s skin. Ocean Spa’s comprehensive Body Care includes 4 steps as follows:

Step 1: Sauna and Jacuzzi

This step means to prepare the body into relaxed state. At this time whole body will be relaxed and all muscles will slacken. The skin pores will open wider and ready for the excretion of toxins and dirt.

Step 2: Exfoliation

As the pores being opened wider due to the effect of warm water, the dirt and toxins on epithelial cells will be removed effectively through exfoliation with safety natural products, lavender salt, oats etc.

Step 3: Body wraps

After dirt and toxins is “filtered out”, body wrap made from mud or pure algae will be used to rebalanced the skin to replenish and relaxation. So again, the toxins from deeper layer of epidermal will be filtered out and nutrients will be supplemented to restore hydrated silkiness to the skin.

Step 4: Moisturizing Essence

This last step using naturally extracted essences from renowned Dermalogica cosmetics. This essences is the special “dose” to handle the problem of skin’s dullness and dryness, rejuvenate the skin to its original rosy and youthful pigmentation.

[box title=”THE DIFFERENCE”]diem khac bietOcean Spa with devotion to professionalism always understand customer needs and take it as “guideline” to our services. Therefore, your skin will be thoroughly examined to consult you on the products and services that are suitable for your skin condition.

Our products are originally natural. They are carefully chosen to be safe, effective, and friendly to Asian skin. There are also many great paper writers out there who work freelance or part time. These writers are typically able to get more work done in a shorter amount of time. If you don’t mind paying extra, these writers will usually provide you with top quality work.

Premium rooms, professional attitude and service is our “golden key” to earn customers’ satisfaction.

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Understanding customer needs, we have designed knowledgeable service packages to resolve most of skin problems that customers encountering.

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[message title=”COST”]You can learn more about the price of Body Care package here. [/message]

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